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Prot Paladin POV

Whew, Garrosh, I don't even know where to start with this one. Six months ago if you were to ask me what encounter would challenge us, as a guild, I was really hoping it would be this one--and to be honest, it was among one of the hardest this tier.

While we only put in around 300 attempts on Garrosh, it sure felt like a lot more. Day after day of disconnects, high latencies, last-minute stuff coming up, and just plain hating each other. We just could not get a solid raid week on this boss. After countless wipes, things began to fall into place; phase 3 started progressing and phase 4 fell into place. Next thing you know, we all realized this can actually happen; we can do this. So with proper head removal from asses and actually being able to raid for a solid week, we were able to pull this kill off.

Was it the hardest boss of the tier? Statistically, no. With Blackfuse slightly over 500 attempts, Garrosh almost felt like a walk in the park. I just want to thank all of Get Well Soon for putting up with each others' shit to get through yet another tier of raiding--and thanks to Blizzard for actually producing challenging bosses.

Check back soon for information on recruiting for the new expansion! We will be needing more for Mythic raiding.

Dblcheese a love u too qt
Soloz you are so gay Dbl, I mean really gay.........fag.

Paragons failfuckfest 2014
Jan 9th
1. first pull wtf happened? kindevu died to mutation thing
2. not enough dmg on blood
3. no cc on parasites + blood healing
4. Razor sucks at tanking and got me killed on Rik'kal, hence not enough blood dmg
5. killed a thingy, died to aim (baird/dbl)
6. killed a 2nd thingy, someone dropped amber pool shit in the melee and saith died twice early (skeer cleave)
7. kindevu dies to aim, fell apart on korven
8. razr still cant pick shit up quickly, not enough blood dmg
9. dbl died to aim, big nigga dick dmg on skeer
10. apparently we pulled? dat blood dmg
11. shitty skeer dmg again
12. aim whirling shit fuck
13. Turns out you have to "eat" the parasites, OOPS
14. Fink is afk, Razr pulls. "But i did a ready check" [18:47:17] The following players are Away: Finkployd
15. TIL people who are scorpions still take damage. "this is really easy to dodg-OH MY GOD NO ITS NOT"
16. Scorpions still take dmg, also eating parasites is a good plan.
17. 17 pulls later razor still can't pull the boss properly. Whats a parasite?
18. Razr still can't pull properly and we didnt get parasites, but you can bop scorpion dmg and still do work
19. wasn't paying attention, think saith died to feed and stuff happened.
20. distracted by bane and mike and died to avoidable shit, then other fuckery happened.
21. saith died to some bad stuff
22. fink didn't eat a parasite then blood healing thing
23. Rawfulz died to feed + fire
24. Razrs mudbutt carved a path to his hole after he was cummed on.
25. Fishbowl called me an all star, apparently something cleaves and baird missed the obvious avoidable dmg
26. dbl died to aim, then the wheels fell off.
27. kindevu died to sonic shit, killed korven like pros, then failface
28. something happened that i didn't write down.
29. Razr goes from not spawning any parasites to a billion
30. Rawfulz beast mode heals pulled boss aggro as ka'roz was coming down.
31. dbl dies to aim early, then fink dies to one slightly later, then leo gets the axe

Jan 22nd
32. Korvan fuckery with people kinda dying
33. Rawfulz and Dbl killed by each other because one of them can't do aim properly
34. Bloods went to skeer, not other nerdbugthing :(
35. Kindevu stood in stuff, then the wheels kinda fell off
36. Fink jumped on top of Rawfulz, Dahja filing for divorce (more fun with aim!)
37. Xuen SOMEHOW got bop'd, then the skeer dmg was just a tiny bit behind so the blood healed him to full OOPS
38. Trying to actually work a bop'd xuen into the strat was a huge mistake
39. /ra /cancelaura [@pet] blessing of protection. Also Soloz got a fly in his nose
40. Skeer RP walked too slowly, then soloz got begroped
41. whirling whirled and stunned stunners and died to aim and shit
42. Baird got rocked like a hurricane while a scorpion to the whirling 360 fire shit
43. Killed encased in amber bug nigger! fell apart on a big aim. (just fuck off melee)
44. People getting stunned by whirls and dahja got his face cleaved off
45. Blood went to skeer again
46. We suck at leaving things down together when we're supposed to
47. Bane rezzed the one person in the raid who could rez himself, gj
48. Crazy fire lazers shit, first time seeing it tho!
49. Saith DC put amber shit in melee, raid go splat
50. Running man in the way of soloz farting on his balls
51. Dbl busy getting aim out in africa distracted everyone from the 2 stun fails
52. amber shit on melee w/o a ranged running out, tanks decided to not move the bosses out of the orange shit
53. Pushed the wrong bug for the cleave part

Jan 23rd
54. Dbl dropped amber aids in the raid, then rawfuls got fucked by aim that no one could soak
55. aim soaking is tuff
56. Razr can't handle boss threat, bane pulled and died and then skeer didn't
57. Welp, guess you can't soak aim with bubble anymore!
58. Skeer got bleeded on
59. Bane died to scorpion regular dmg, then the vu got feeded on
60. Stuns + aim = fun??
61. few more aim issues
62. Saiths turn to fall victim to Razr's shoddy tank threat
63. plz no more stuns, also need better split dmg for korven/ka'rizzle
64. Aim #1 failures, why is this still an issue?
65. see #64
66. just more aim, and a double shot of parasites cuz razr got stunned.
67. Soloz got baird in trouble with rawfulz for making up shit like he was trying to trade mid-attempt
68. Baird shoulda fucked off (melee) but didn't
69. killed the wrong cleave thingy
70. Getting closer, workin dat hisek and living through fiery shizz
71. Someday I'll learn how Rapid Fire works
72. people keep dying, wasnt me this time tho!
73. big dick dots pushed the wrong cleave thing
74. Banes niece distracted us and ruined our skeer damage, Soloz is at half chub because its not a nephew.
75. aim claims 2 healers
76. Blood -> skeer WOOPS
77. aim > 2 healers again
78. Skeer dmg sucked because we were distracted by african drumming
79. Bane was too busy hitting on 13 year old Fink, dahja gonna punch him in the froat
80. Skeer didn't have his Nikes on and forgot how to move at a reasonable speed
81. death by aim
82. Rawfulz let me die to random passive damage.
83. random blood decided to follow skeer
85. everyone forgot what happens after skeer, its been so long....
86. and skeer dmg is still shitty
87. aim deaths while killing korven
88. aim is a mofo
89. cc is a crutch, not allowed for parasites
90. Face tanking 101 and how not to do it
91. so like, fink like, dropped amber in the like, raid but she is like totally not a like valley girl tho
92. Forgot to add this wipe, but soloz is still hard from banes neice
93. Xaril deaded! dat progression
94. Aim is lame
95. don't go chasing parasites, just stick to tunneling the boss like you're used to
96. Too many parasites up in here
97. running out from rapid fire is tough

Jan 28
98. Aim still lame, its just more of the same.
99. Fink got rapidfire'd and baird ticked down from parasite aids
100. Got to Kaztik, dat progression
101. Amber on the melee woops
102. Dat skeer dmg
105. Shit niggas, killed dat Kaz'tik, LOOKING NOT AWFUL
106. McDonalds chick distracted soloz so he couldn't move skeer fast enough to not get healed
107. herpderp skeer dmg
108. Today we learned to run out with orange stuff
109. fast wipes are funnnnnnnnnnn
110. Cross amber aim confused some idiot who stopped paying attention
111. Theres a wipe in here somewhere that I forgot to record, fuck off
112. Dat vu ran away from his healers :(
113. whole lot of fucked up shit happened
114. aimfail
115. Was eating dbl and ran into the spray
116. dat skeer heelz
117. Bane ran into rapid fire, what a dumb
118. orange stuff on kaz'tik is hard
119. the vu got stunned in rapid fire and bane got cleaved in the face
120. dat aim
121. couple rapid fire deaths, plz stop ok?
122. Blood randomly running to skeer, killed it tho and almost recovered!
123. Tanks can't position shit to cleave
124. Orange stuff still tuff
125. hewhewhewbane + fink rapidfireified
126. whirlwind shinnanigans
127. razr got cleaved and we just talked about dicks for the next 20 minutes
128. More talk about the fiveskin, then lolrapidfireidiotbaird
129. skeer dmg strikes (or doesn't) again
130. can't feign dat aim, boom headshot
131. Dbls aim in africa fucked us up
132. lolaim
133. Paid 90s fucked our raid

Jan 29
134. Razr spawned more parasites like a dumb
135. more aim failure
136. was way too distracted by motley crue to record this wipe
137. Fire line pain
138. Saith DC'd so fuck that attempt
139. Everyone panicked at the one blood chasing skeer that we forgot to soak aim
140. Silly fire lines
141. fuck rapid fire and amber in melee
142. Bloods going after skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer
143. herpderp amber
146. Aim in africa and melee couldn't cover for it because "Melees not used to doing mechanics"
147. Saith ran away from aim lol, then another aim killed fink
148. Razr gets stunned and spawned more parasites, dumbfuck
149. nice countdown no countdown
150. Bane on the verge of failing his trial with his rapid fire performance, baird still taking tips from him tho
151. whirling charge straight down the aim line lol
152. so after razr pulled a leo and couldn't click the thing to start the fight, bloods went to skeer
153. so pushing the amber shit while the other target is at 90% isnt a good plan
155. so much aids, green catalyst is awful
156. Soloz got his shit pushed in :(
157. Random deaths to parasites, so fun
158. Vu's turn to get rapid fired
159. scorpions do a ton of bad damage
160. just no skeer dmg for some reason, probably cuz saith was a scorpion
161. why does 1 blood randomly run to skeer?
162. saith couldn't handle the big dick blood damage
163. the vu couldn't find a parasite
164. Dbl lied and didn't heal for a millie, then saith got rapid fired
165. apparently soloz's asshole looks like a balloon knot
166. bloods to skeereererererererererzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
167. SEE 166 FUCK
168. why the fuck is aim STILL A GOD DAMN ISSUE
169. taking a trip downtown to cleavetown
170. fucking blood to skeer
171. just gonna tick down and die rq

Jan 30
172. Dbl got aim'd, then rawfulz died to rapid fire
173. Most of your wipes will come from the disconnect
174. more bloods healing skeer
Rawfulz: "Theres no way we're killing it today, and probably not even by next thursday either"
175. Fink: "Which one do we kill next?" The entire raid: "the only one left...." HEY LOOK ITS DEAD

Fuck Thok, that is all.

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